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This site is sponsored by Learning to Serve Ministries.  LTS is founded on the principle of “Pure Bible, No Compromise”.  Since the Bible is being compromised by ministries around the world, but especially in the United States, we thought it necessary to set up a permanent place of refuge for Believers to get straight talk directly from Scripture about Christianity and Islam, and especially to hear the truth about the one called “Isa” (Jesus) in the Quran.  Just because someone is named “Jesus” doesn’t make him the Savior.  Plenty of people answer to this name even today and we have to look past the name to the character of the person to define the one and only Jesus CHRIST, the Savior the world.

We hope this site is a blessing to you.  We aim to stock it with pertinent information that directly contradicts such organizations as “Jesus and the Quran”, “A Common Path”, and others in the “emergent church” and the “C5” movement.

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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  1. Abdelmasih says:

    Thanks. Please be aware that Isa (3isa) is not the Arabic name of our Savior. It was a new name invented by a false prophet. His name in Arabic is Yesu3 (meaning “salvation” as the angel Gabiel explained). Arab Christians at the time of Mohammed always called him Yesu3. Throughout the Arab world we still call him by this wonderful God-given name. Yesu3 is not in the Quran because the writer of the Quran was ignorant of his name, his origin and his ministry.

    • I agree with you 100% – Isa is NOT the Savior! Yesu is a form of the Name Yeshua which is the Hebrew Name of Jesus Christ (the One Who IS SAVIOR!). And you are so right – whatever is written in the Quran is an ignorant lead to death, exactly what the false, lying god of Islam wants from all his followers. Thank you for the feedback and information!

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