need your help to publish volume 2 of JiNiQ book…

Volume 1 is available…ready to go and it has helped many see the Truth of Scripture as provided by the Creator God of the Universe versus the ugly as provided by the false, lying god of Islam.

But Volume 2 needs your help to get published.  It is expensive to publish books and we need your help.  Please, if you can see your way to donate to the ministry to help us get the book out, we’ll provide a copy of the book for free when it is published – right to your door!

The donate button is over to the right and anything you can do will help.  Many sit in the churches every week donating to the mission of creating “Chrislam” and spreading lies and propaganda about “serving the same god”.  Won’t you help get the CORRECT message out?  We thank you so much!

Blessings to you!  And remember,

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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