new comment posted by a muslim and he offers no proof (as usual)

UPDATE – our visitor seems to be gone.  He wrote a few more times with drivel, but he brought no proof about his false god or pedophile prophet.  Christians, please be careful and realize that Islam is a very dangerous and ugly religion political system.  I even tried to reach out to him personally to witness to him, but his email address is fake, just like his political system.

You can see the original comment on the Talking Point #20 page, but I’m posting it here also so that everyone can see both the comment and my response (I doubt everyone would see it if I don’t bring it forward).  It’s unedited, so you’ll have to forgive his lack of ability to write correct English.  Our distinguished visitor writes:

“Have you read the Quran? Have you ever understood it or you are just a red neck hatred – if you you are a Jesus follower then where is the love he thought you? Jesus was not and never was a hatred. What version of the bible you are referring to? what edition? probably yours because each one of you has it’s own that satisfies his/her desires. Why do you have too many versions of the bible – and who wrote the bible in the first place? Are those God’s words or yours? What about the crusaders? Any love there? If you are a preacher you probably need to do some research before you open your big mouth like an idiot ignorant – Check this out and read the whole quran you will surprised” (yeah, he didn’t end it with a period).

My reply:

“It’s very simple – disprove what I posted.  All you’ve done is write words…anyone can do that. But I posted Truth from Scripture and hatred from your demon-god book.  Prove me wrong.”

Wikipedia is a compilation of “anyone who wants to add something” writings.  There is no verification of proof.  That’s why I use Scripture and the Quran provided by the false god of Islam.

Anyway, I don’t think he’ll come back, much less reply, but I hope that if he does, he will actually bring proof.  After all, that’s what I do – see the PROOF Points page!

So what do we do with this?  Well, we wait for him to disprove anything written herein.  Meanwhile, we look at MODERN MUSLIMS preparing to obey the commands of the demon-god of Islam:


And this helps us realize that…

 Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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