Special Point #9 – ban the act of selling women? not in Afghanistan

During my talks with those who want to make the guy named jesus in the Holy Quran equal to Jesus Christ of the Bible, I’ve heard many doosies about how what is clearly written about Islam either is false or simply no longer applies to the Muslim of today.  One of the funnier ones was when I was told that the jizyah, the “thank you for allowing me to live while I pay you money to allow me to live” tax in Islam is no longer enforced upon non-Muslims.  Tell that to all those living as a non-Muslim in an Islamic state.  But I digress.

No longer enforced.  No, of course not.  All of the bad things that happened or were allowed to happen in the Quran and in Islamic life in the past have been cleaned up and no longer apply.  Surely, they live by a democratic, capitalist, free lifestyle just as any civilized world today.  They’ve “grown up.”  Yeah…right.  The emphasis of this Special Point is a current article about the treatment of women in Afghanistan – see the black button below.

[mantra-button-dark url=”http://news.sky.com/story/1092681/afghanistan-blocks-law-protecting-women”]Read this article at Sky News[/mantra-button-dark]

Talking Point #20 introduced you to the heinous ways women are treated in Islam (and don’t fool yourself – yes, even the Muslims who live next door to you.  If she looks/appears happy, it’s either because she’s afraid to let you see the difference or she literally doesn’t know that life could be better).

Talking Point #40 went on to describe to you another way women are treated as less than equal.  They are literally considered half as intelligent as a man and, therefore, their testimony in court is worth half of that of a man (in other words, to gain the advantage, three women must testify against one man, but don’t worry – that would never happen anyway – see Talking Point #20 again, and look at this page from “The Religion of Peace”).

What else could possibly happen in the life of a woman in Islam to demean and belittle her existence?  How about if we package them up and sell them?  After all, women in Islam are considered property.  They don’t call it property, per se – they label it tilth (see Talking Point #70 for more on tilth).  But this selling of women thing…would they really do that?


[mantra-button-dark url=”http://news.sky.com/story/1092681/afghanistan-blocks-law-protecting-women”]Read this article at Sky News[/mantra-button-dark]

So after the President of Afghanistan signed some changes to minimize the illicit treatment of women, the parliament needed to uphold it and has refused to do so!  Why would they do that?  Because some “…religious politicians argued parts of the law violate Islamic principles or encourage women to have sex outside of marriage.”  Translation?  Put simply, this means that those Muslims who study and know what their awful false god demands of them have chosen to uphold their false god’s requirements of hatred over the loving treatment of women.  They have clearly decided to defend the position that ruling out the selling of women as property would violate Islamic Shariah law!  That’s a double negative, so let’s turn it around.  They are saying that selling women is IN ACCORDANCE with Shariah law – that it is lawful for a man to sell a woman, as discussed in the article, as property.  In other words, the hateful false god of Islam has ordained the man as totally dominant in his treatment of women, including the right to have sexual relations with slaves, prepubescent sexual relations with young girls (read the article – it’s discussed in there and, of course, recall the story of the pedophile prophet Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha are the age of 6 and the consummation of their marriage when she was 9 ), and honor killings for perceived disrespect (they remind me of television shows that I watch about prisons – all prisoners seem to demand “respect” and cause so much disruption because of the perceived lack of it when in actuality they have done nothing to earn respect and should in fact lose all respect as a consequence of their actions in the first place).  This is shameful…and pastors in America still try to assert that the God of the Bible is equal to the god of Islam.  What a shame!

We still hold to the fact that we want to witness to Muslims.  We want everyone reading this to come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ (of the Bible) and to come out of false religions political systems to know and serve Him.  But the truth is the truth and we simultaneously do not want Christians to be fooled (especially from within) about what is happening in the Islamic world, around the world or right next door.  We say again, the way women are treated in Islam is shameful.

There is no need to quote the entire article here.  Please go and read it for yourself, and then share it with anyone you know who would benefit from it.  Let the world know the Truth about Jesus Christ.  Let everyone know that He can only be found within the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, as He Himself told us:

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”
John 5:39

Notice He did not say to search the Quran.  Why?  Well we believe the answer is obvious:

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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