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Folks, we received two very good comments in the past couple of days and we want to make sure that everyone gets to see them.  Please look at Talking Point #15 and Talking Point #61.  Read them, then scroll down to the comments at the bottom of the page and see the deception that certain visitors have tried to include in our discussions.  We have responded to each and that’s why it’s important that you visit and read both their comments and ours.  Please feel free to reply with any of your own thoughts.

We want Christians to know the truth.  We’ve presented it and have included ways and tools for you to do your own research to find our for yourselves.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to comments I want you all to see…

  1. John says:

    You might want to go to bible school at an accredited university. Isa, in the Quran, means Jesus. The Muslims believe in Jesus, and know he is coming back to judge mankind. And, yes, I am a pastor.

    • Have you read *anything* I posted or did your denominationalism simply have you write me? I KNOW Muslims believe in jesus, but that person is not the Savior anymore than the Hispanic guy named Jesus that cuts my grass each week. If you’re a pastor and you’re leading a congregation to believe that the god of Islam is the same as the God of the Bible, then you know why I won’t go to any “bible school” – they produce people like you who fail to actually read God’s Word, know the difference, and stand for Him. You probably vote democratic also, support homosexuality and abortion, and have no idea that the church started at Mount Sinai nor care about the need to express Jesus Christ (the REAL Jesus) as a Hebrew, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I feel sorry for folks like you, but worse for those who have to sit through your lessons and believe that you are real. I know what Isa means, pastor, and that’s the ENTIRE point of the site (but thanks for trying). Satan is fooling everyone, including you. Rather than tell me to go to a liberal school with man’s opinion inserted into the pages of the Bible (I capitalize it out of respect), I choose to have a close, intimate, uncompromising marriage to my Savior. If you choose to stay blind, stay that way. Better yet, why not just stop stabbing at me and provide PROOF of ANY NATURE that disputes ANYTHING I’ve written on ANY of these pages? That would take more than just your meager thoughts, though, so I’m not at all concerned that you can do it. Barring that, no need for further comments. No, seriously, no matter how badly you wish to do so, no need for further comments.

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