Special Point #7 – just a quick pic to keep us alert

We love the people in Islam and want salvation for them as much as any other.  It is the ideology and teachings of the evil book of Islam with which we disagree, and it is the notion that it has any similarity to or with the God of the Bible that we emphatically deny!

The media, the government, and, even worse, the (liberal) churches in America, want you and me to believe that the guy named jesus in the Quran is the same as the Jesus Christ in the Bible.  They want us to believe, above all, that Islam is a religion of peace.  They forget that some of us, including you reading this, *READ for ourselves* and know the difference!

This image gives a quick synopsis of Quran verses that drive the evil we see too many times in the news.  Let it speak for itself, and, combined with the terrorism news you see yesterday, today, and tomorrow, understand that the religion political system of Islam is not of peace but of evil.  It is led by evil and those who read its book and follow its directions commit evil acts, according to what they are told by their false god.

Please read the Talking Points offered within this sight for detailed coverings of the topics about which you will read in the news and hear about from pastors trying to mislead you.  Be armed with knowledge – take the below image as a starting point and learn more from there.


Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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