Talking Point #63 – halleluJah!

[mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”center” width=”33%”]HalleluJah!![/mantra-pullquote]Recall Talking Point #45 and Talking Point #46 were about music.  You should read them as background before going much further with this post.  Even something as simple, and certainly something as beautiful, as music is detested by the god of Islam.  Is there anything beautiful that he doesn’t detest?  He certainly hates the idea of you serving the Creator God of the Bible and the beautiful loving relationship He has offered to you, so please pay attention.

This post exists to give further proof how the God of the Bible loves and has given us music to use in His worship!  It is amazing how much of the Bible comes to life and gives new meaning to our relationship with Him when we truly understand what He’s done for us and what He’s given us in His Word.  Check out these amazing facts about music in the Psalms, and then go do your own study about music in the Bible and prove all of this for yourself.

One thing is certain, the God of the Bible does not consider music haram (forbidden)!

A look at the Book of Psalms gives us some fascinating insight to His views on music.  Enjoy this short post as we see what He’s given to us for both our and His enjoyment in worship!

First, and in no particular order, is Psalm 106.  This Psalm opens and closes with “Praise ye the LORD!”  Anytime you see “the LORD” as it’s written here, the translators have covered up the Name of the LORD to hide it from us.  A better, more intimate translation would be “Praise ye Yah!” or “Praise ye Yehovah!”.  It means, literally, Praise Yehovah, the Creator God of the Universe!

“Okay…”, you say, “…what does that have to do with music?”  Good question.  Have you ever used the word “hallelujah” in musical worship?  Do you know what it means?  It’s commonly used as a term for joy!  Shout “Hallelujah!” when you’re happy about something that has just occurred.  It’s used a joyful expression of praise to God (of the Bible).  But when was the last time you asked “What does the word hallelujah mean?”

It’s funny you should ask, so let’s talk about it.  Hallelujah means “Praise ye Yah”!  Check out this article at Wikipedia for proof.  While you’re there, also take note of how many time this phrase occurs in the Psalms, including this discussion on Psalm 106 of course.

So we learn something every day, and today you learned that the word hallelujah is not an English word at all, and doesn’t mean anything near what you originally thought.  In fact, if you are against using the Name of God (of the Bible) in your worship of and communication with Him (because of some belief that His Name is unpronounceable or has been lost), you’re in for a shock when you realize that every time you’ve said “Hallelujah” to anything, you’ve used His Name!  And that’s okay because it is exactly what He wants – to have His Name invoked in your worship, and especially in your musical worship of Him!

Christian, how many times have you heard music from Handel’s “Messiah” performed?  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  Recall that the conclusion to that masterpiece is called the “Hallelujah chorus”!  I think there’s a reason he named it that.  Do you agree?

There are 150 Psalms in the Bible.  Take out your copy of the Bible now and look at the last 5 Psalms.  Notice for yourself that they all begin with “Praise Yah!”  Now look at the end of each of the same 5 Psalms – the same thing!  There it is, undeniably:  “Praise Yah!”

But we’re not done yet.

Psalms 111 – 113 all begin with Hallelujah!  Psalm 113 ends with the phrase as well.  Psalm 115 & 116 end with the phrase as well, and Psalm 116 both begins and ends with it!  Man, it’s everywhere!  Now that you know about it, you’ll start to see it pop up in Scripture in places unbeknownst to you in the past, and you’ll know what it really means!  Good for you!

Now let’s go to the future.  Let’s turn to the book of Revelation and see if the use of the phrase “hallelujah” will be prominent in our future relationship with Him.  According to what John saw in his vision captured in this book, in chapter 19 we see the phrase used 4 times – Praise the LORD!  Praise Yehovah!  Praise Yah!

So it seems that our use of this word today may not be in the best standing with its original meaning and intent.  If you can use this word, hallelujah, without its use invoking worship of the One True God (of the Bible), then your use is incorrect and out of line with the original meaning.  If it’s a “slang” word for you meaning nothing more than joy for yourself, you’ve come to know this word secularly rather than Biblically.  But now you know differently.

So, what has this post had to do with the demonically-powered political system of Islam?  Loads!  I asked you up front to go back and read the previous posts about music so that you had an understanding of how the false god of Islam denies the Muslim the enjoyment of music (it is considered “haram” (forbidden) in Islam).  Now that you know how FULL of music and praise of God (of the Bible) the Bible truly is, how can you possibly believe the two gods are the same?

The God of the Bible loves music!  You read back in Talking Point #45 about God creating Lucifer with the most wonderful musical talents – talents unequaled, I believe, even today by any creature created by God (of the Bible) and certainly by any man to have ever been born on this earth.  Lucifer was full of musical ability and beauty, but he was also full of pride which led to his downfall.  Why was he given this musical ability?  Because God (of the Bible) loves music and wanted to have him play for Him!  Naturally, because it is something that the God of the Bible loves, it is something that the god of Islam hates; and the Muslim loses (at least the ones who read the Holy Quran and obey its laws).

This is just one more lesson proving the difference between the God of the Bible and the false god of Islam.  Don’t bother looking for the love of music in the Holy Quran, and don’t bother looking for Jesus either, because…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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