Talking Point #49 – Islamists whitewash history; Christian pulpits whitewash today

This Talking Point has quite a bit of introductory material that you need to know about Islam and the conveyers of the “Chrislam” heresy, but the main point is the video below.  Just in case the video has been removed, it has been transcripted for you below as well.  Don’t stop reading this Talking Point until you digest the video for proof of what is being taught here.

Folks, in the most “Christian” tone that I can come up with, please allow me to be polite but blunt:  The teachings of Islam allow Muslims to flat out lie to your face and receive the approval of their false moon god for doing so.  They have nothing of which to be ashamed.  Christian pulpits, on the other hand, have no excuse for lying to you (or to the Muslim for that matter).  The ones engaged in the “Chrislam” heresy are either trying to make money on today’s hot topic or trying so hard to keep the second most important commandment that they overlook and forgo the first (I’m speaking of Jesus’ (of the Bible) comments on the greatest commandment found in Matthew 22:36-40, and you need to review our Special Point #3 for more on this topic).  These serpents in Armani suits like to try to makes strides with their “Chrislam” heresy so they’ll tell you anything, to include such nuggets of information like “paying the jizyah has been done away with” or “Muslims are not allowed to lie” (taqiyya).

Why do they do this?  Because both the Muslim and the serpent pulpit know that if you read sites like this and get into the Quran and prove the truth to yourself, you’ll know their lies for what they are and rebel against such false teachings.  So do it.  Read the Quran (as bad as that hurts for a true believer in Jesus of the Bible to recommend reading vile, filthy material) and prove all of what you read in this post and the rest of the site to yourself.

I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned this before, but just in case:  Adolf Hitler made the following comments (these may certainly be paraphrases – I wasn’t there when he spoke the words but these are all variants of the same dangerous comment) when he was in power:

“Give me your children before they are 7 and I will own their minds.”

“Give me the youth, and Germany will rule the World”

“Give me your children today, and I will give you the world tomorrow.”

What was he talking about?  You know…he was talking about not only the children directly, but influencing the public as a whole.  He didn’t have the media that we have today, so imagine 1) how hard it would have been for him to materialize his thoughts into actuality, and 2) how easy that task would be today.

But let’s leave the media out of this one and focus on the pulpit (we’ve spoken on the media in the past and will do so again soon).  Let’s look at the Christian pulpit.  This one should make some pastors feel very upset and ashamed of themselves for the heresy they have put forth from what should be one of the most sacred places around, the center stage of every church in America.

Those going around teaching about some guy named “jesus” in the Quran spew the vilest of material.  They’ve found a lucrative “teaching” that is totally contrary to Scripture (why do you think it’s lucrative?  When was the last time you saw anything in accordance with Scripture that was accepted and lucrative?) and they are hanging onto it with all they have.  Keep reading.

In Hitler’s statement(s) above, he was saying that if he was persistent in getting a message out over and over again that he would be successful in making the message believable and believed by those hearing it.  All you have to do is keep repeating the message.  The young (as are most of those in attendance when “jesus” in the Quran is taught) are the most vulnerable, but the old are also present and listening, and are slowly becoming sure that what they’ve learned and lived by all their lives is changing and that this new “Chrislam” material is the new right.  Wrong!

Learn and use this quote – “words can build you up, words can bring you down, words can start a fire in your heart, or words can put one out”.  Listen to the words but search the Scripture daily to prove what you’ve been told and be sure you KNOW the Truth.  Let the only words that build your fire be based on Truth of Jesus (of the Bible) and not come from elsewhere.  Recognize when the Truth is not being taught.  Recognize when compromise is being made.  Recognize when something is amiss and take your stand!

So here’s the main point of this Talking Point.  Folks, today, in the 21st century, Islamists spread lies like what you’re about to see.  “Chrislam” folks here in America deny such things exist but in today’s world, with a camera everywhere, it’s impossible to deny any longer.  The only things that will stop you from seeing this are your own decisions to ignore it or your inability to recognize what is happening.  This is hard to swallow if you are a true Bondservant of the Most High God.  If you love Jesus (of the Bible) and you want to witness for Him, when you see things like this you should take your stand and ensure that you share it and make others know that it is wrong.

Watch the video below…it is only just over a minute long:

Just in case the video has been removed, the following is a transcript.  In the video, Salih Aal Shaikh says the following:

“When Adam was made a prophet, his religion was Islam.  When Noah was sent, his religion was Islam.  When Abraham was sent, his religion was Islam.  And the same applies to all prophets and messengers, to Moses, Jesus, and so on.  The religion of each of them was Islam.  But each prophet came with a different Shariah that he applied and that Allah revealed to him.  And by Shariah I mean the detailed legislations and laws, such as the detailed description of various acts of worship:  how to pray, how to fast, how to pay zakaat, whether or not to fight, the detailed rulings of marriage, of dealings among people and so on.  The greatest and most complete set of laws of dealings among people and so on were those that were revealed to Muhammad.”

Do you see any problems with his speech?  Do you recognize that, if your children (remember Hitler) saw this at school (very possible in today’s world) that they may come home believing that Noah, who they heard of in Sunday School, was a Muslim?  That must mean, to their young minds, that it’s okay to be Muslim.  “Mommy, why aren’t we Muslim like Noah?”

More to the Point, did you catch his inclusion of Jesus as a prophet of Islam?  He’s both right and wrong on that one – his jesus (of the Quran) was a sinner in Islam, while Jesus Christ (of the Bible) would never support it.  But the slimy point here is that he is mentioned jesus as though he’s speaking of Jesus Christ because he’s mentioning him among other familiar Biblical characters.  In other words, he wants you to believe that Jesus (of the Bible) was a Muslim in the same company as all the other Biblical patriarchs.  He couldn’t be more wrong…


This is Satanic in origin and is denied by (almost) every level of government *and* church within the United States as a threat to our way of life.  People like the man in this video are out for one thing in life:  to enforce Islam and Shariah law on you, Christian.

Soon I’ll post a followup to this Talking Point in which I’ll break down the points made by the guy in the video and compare each of them to the Bible.  For now, digest this as it is and think it over.  Discuss it among your friends and family and be ready to dive in deeper with the next post.  Do some research on Shariah law and see for yourself what is happening around the world even today and the determine if God of the Bible would be the author of such human tragedy.  Could the god that mandates lying (taqiyya), human torture (Shariah), and animal suffering (halal food) possibly be the same as the god of Islam?  No way…and just for good measure, remember:

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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