Talking Point #44 – the death and resurrection of Jesus and jesus (DBUH)

Take good notice at this Talking Point’s title – I’m introducing a new concept of using the abbreviation DBUH after the name of jesus (of the Quran) from this point forward.  This will serve merely as one more way to distinguish the false god’s prophet jesus (DBUH) from the real, True, Jesus Christ (of the Bible).  For background on this, if you haven’t done so already, go back right now and read Talking Point #27 – jesus (DBUH).

Now on with the Talking Point.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was crucified, buried in a tomb owned by Joseph of Arimathea, and that He was resurrected three days later (and when the Bible says three days, it means three days … not part of a Friday evening, a Saturday, and coming back to life early Sunday morning – see the book of Genesis for how God reckons days).  He was resurrected!  He lives today!  He is ALIVE RIGHT NOW and is sitting at the right hand of Power, ever interceding for YOU if you are His and are in Him.  Review the following passages of Scripture for a refresher:

Read Luke Chapter 24 on The New

So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.
Mark 16:19

Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.
Romans 8:34

I especially like the way Paul makes it clear for us in the book of Romans that Jesus (of the Bible) died – no Quran sura or Muslim can take that away from you, Christian…the written Truth says that the crucified Truth died and that He lives again today.  Hallejujah!

Now let’s look at what the Quran says about jesus (DBUH) and his death (notice I did not include anything about a resurrection).  But first, some background on the Quran and its false, lying, manipulative god.

Never lose sight of the fact that the “religion” of Islam exists to introduce confusion and deception, especially to the Christian reader (who else would Satan target other than those who he desires to take, or lead, away from the True Jesus Christ of the Bible?)  Those vulnerable enough, believe the deception; those even more vulnerable teach that jesus in the Quran (DBUH) is the same as Jesus of the Bible, and both are blindly misled by both Quranic passages and Islamists who teach different theories about the end of life for jesus (of the Quran, DBUH).

With that pre-mission briefing, let’s get to it!

First, please recall and remember that when the Quran mentions jesus (DBUH), it desperately wants you to think of Jesus of the Bible.  In other words, the Quran will not tell on itself and admit that its jesus (DBUH) is different from the Bible’s Jesus Christ.  Recognize that the Islamist wants you to believe that the two are the same (as do some organizations right here in the United States…even in such small towns as Snellville, GA.).  Keep that in mind as you read the following:

And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger – they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.  But Allah took him up unto Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.
Sura 4:157-158

Opinions about exactly what the above verse means depends on interpretation:   there are several different opinions about it.  Some Islamists will tell you that in the Biblical account, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ did not last long enough for him to die.  Others teach that someone else was actually on the cross and this person appeared to be Jesus – this deception, then, led everyone to believe that Jesus was crucified.  Still others maintain that because Jesus is immortal He did not “die” or that the crucifixion was not “to His death”.

Unbelievably, those who serve the god of deception actually use the fact that God (of the Bible obviously) does not deal in deception and, because of this, Jesus must have actually died because anything else would be deception and He would never allow that (very true!  the One, True God of the Bible would not allow for deception, thus proving that His Son, Jesus Christ of the Bible did die as a result of crucifixion).    However, those who hold this view do not do so in such a way as to produce agreement by any means; they do so to state that because deception is not possible, there simply was no crucifixion (it was all made up, much as the holocaust was made up during World War II).  Can I get a “Yeah, right!”?

And those who deny the crucifixion do so with “relevant sources” behind their claim, in this case, the Encyclopedia of Islam:

The denial, furthermore, is in perfect agreement with the logic of the Qur’an. The Biblical stories reproduced in it (e.g., Job, Moses, Joseph etc.) and the episodes relating to the history of the beginning of Islam demonstrate that it is “God’s practice” (sunnat Allah) to make faith triumph finally over the forces of evil and adversity. “So truly with hardship comes ease”, (XCIV, 5, 6). For Jesus to die on the cross would have meant the triumph of his executioners; but the Quran asserts that they undoubtedly failed: “Assuredly God will defend those who believe”; (XXII, 49). He confounds the plots of the enemies of Christ (III, 54).
Encyclopedia of Islam
The references given within refer to Suras within the Quran

So the main Muslim view of the death of jesus (DBUH) (even though, remember, they are trying to make you, Christian, believe they are talking about Jesus of the Bible) is that he either died of natural causes or, as the Quran quote above says clearly, he was taken up by god (their false god, of course).  But it gets interesting when we discuss the second coming.

Did that catch you off guard?  Did you not know that Muslims believe jesus of the Quran (DBUH) will come again?  Oh sure they do!  And guess what – when he comes back, he’s coming back to destroy YOU (and the Jews of course).

But another huge difference exists regarding his coming back as compared to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (of the Bible):  jesus (DBUH), after he takes care of his Muslim business, will die (you see now why he simply couldn’t have died on the cross – he is not a god according to the Quran but he is mortal and can only die once).  Christians, at least the ones that believe their Bible, believe that Jesus (of the Bible) will live forever; He will, in fact, rule and reign FOREVER!  (Amen Brother!  Preach it LOUD!)

This has been a long post about yet another, although very important, difference between jesus of the Quran (DBUH) and Jesus of the Bible.  We could go on and on with the different Muslim beliefs all day but suffice it to say, this is the mainstream view(s) of death as it applied to jesus of the Quran (DBUH) but asserted to be about Jesus Christ.  Please don’t let the Quran or anyone apart from the Holy Spirit guide your ways and thoughts of Jesus Christ.  Get in the Word and study it well.  Get in the Word and know it well.  Know your God and know the false gods.  If this is the first you’ve heard of a false god, then let this be your starting point, but know that the god of Islam is not the same as the God of the Bible and…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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