Special Point #2 – the Christian and the gun

You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they carry themselves and how they describe themselves.  A true bondservant of Jesus (of the Bible) will support the same values that He supports.  Those who believe themselves to serve God (of the Bible) and His Son, but hold differing viewpoints about life (and, especially, sin) are fooling themselves and are making up their own gods in their minds.  For example, the Christian cannot call himself a member of the democratic party of politics in the United States; that party openly supports welfare without work, homosexuality, and abortion – all abominable to the God of the Bible.

Another point of contention is the owning and carrying of firearms.  I wanted to relay a personal story that just happened to me, and that solidified my need to carry a concealed weapon at all times.

My son-in-law and I were driving down a rather busy road on a Saturday afternoon and we remarked to one another how busy it was and how odd it was to us that it was always busy at that time of day (about 5:00 pm), even on the weekends.  This being a Saturday just made us think of and wonder why the road would be so busy at that time, but it was and we didn’t give it another thought.

We pulled off the road into the neighborhood in which my son-in-law lives to get an old gun that he owns and take it to a gunsmith for work.  When we left his house, literally 3 minutes after having remarked how busy the main road was, we were approaching that same road again and I saw a magnificent buck running along the road.  I told my son-in-law to watch out for the buck and not hit him, but at the same time, the buck turned toward the busy road and crossed it.  You can guess it – he was hit by a car.  It happened behind a tree from where we were at the moment so I was spared actually seeing the impact, but I saw the buck’s antler immediately after impact as it was bouncing down the road at least 50 – 60 yards.  The impact was hard, and I heard it.  I told my son-in-law to stop at the road and let me out.  I saw the buck lying in the road, kicking, screaming, trying desperately to get up from what would be his final resting place.  Before I realized it, I had run to him and was standing beside him with my pistol drawn, safety off, and I was ready to put him out of his misery.  I had never done such a thing but I knew that this was God’s creature and I had to shoot him to take away his pain.  I did.  He stopped moving and I ran back to the truck we were riding in, picking up the antler that I had watched flying down the road a few moments earlier.

That was the moment I realized why I was supposed to get a concealed carry handgun license.  I have been carrying for almost a year and had never had to use the weapon, but on that day, if I hadn’t it, that animal would suffered a great deal more than he did.

When I got back in the truck, I also realized that the car that had hit the deer was the only car on the road at the moment of impact and no other cars had come into my view for the entire event.  The busy road was, all of a sudden, void of cars while I took care of the business that needed taken care of.  You see, the buck was hit in city limits where discharging weapons is illegal.  God (of the Bible) had held back the cars while I took care of His creature.  He ensured that no one would see it and complain about it.  You just know that someone would have looked past the “good deed” to complain and try to cause trouble for one carrying a gun.  But not this time.  Yehovah God (of the Bible) put me there at that moment and then He held back the cars, much as He held back the waters for Israel to cross.

The rest of the story happened as soon as I shut the truck door after having shot the buck.  The traffic began pouring back into the street from both sides.  The side of the road in which the deer lay was backed up because of traffic having to avoid him in the road (I took care of business, but I didn’t have the strength to pull him out of the road).  It was as if, just as I crossed the danger zone, God (of the Bible), let the traffic flow once again as He let the waters flow onto the Egyptian forces.  What a God!

Why this post on this site?  I don’t know.  It’s three o’clock in the morning and He just woke me and told me to post it.  In Islam, death to animals comes at a tremendous price of suffering (see Special Point #1 – Special Point #1 – halal food and the Christian).  It is abhorrent to me and it should be to all those who follow Jesus (of the Bible), and I couldn’t stand to see this animal suffer any more than I can approve of the Islamic slaughter methods.  Islam is ugly in all facets and cannot be led by the same god as the God of the Bible.  There is no compassion in Islam and because of the compassion that He has had on me, I have compassion on all that is His.  This had to be done.  You have to stand up against the ugliness that is Islam.  The god of Islam is not the God of the Bible, and…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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