Talking Point #36 – abrogation, impostion of shariah law, and taqiyya

I’ve alluded to the concepts of abrogation shariah law, and taqiyya in previous posts (see Talking Point #6, Talking Point #9, Talking Point #21, Talking Point #32 and others) but I found a video that adds voice to what I’ve been telling you about.  Please spend the next 10 minutes watching this video and hear someone else explain these concepts to you.

Don’t let the Muslim or the Christian “misunderstander” of Islam fool you – Islam is about total domination and nothing less.  It is about imposition of its political system (Shariah law) and enforcement of its harsh punishment, total lack of love and approval of lying.  It is about anything other than God (of the Bible) and Jesus (of the Bible), His Son.

Please study this material for yourself in addition to the watching the video and reading the posts here.  Deception is at the top of the list for the Muslim.  Do your research!  Don’t assume that everything around you is moral and good; understand that the “peaceful” aspect of Islam is false – the world will be at peace with Islam only when Islam dominates all aspects of your life.

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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