Talking Point #27 – jesus (DBUH)

This will be a short post.  It’s probably going to catch many off guard and may be received as being harsh.  But make no mistake – it’s true.  When people die without having known Jesus (of the Bible) as their personal Lord and Savior, they die in sin and are forever separated from Him without hope.  I think you get the rest of the picture.

Muslims, as well as the Christian pastors touting “Chrislam” and sameness, have a habit of using the expression “peace be upon him” (you’ll see it abbreviated as PBUH) when they pronounce or write the name of Muhammad and Islam’s other prophets (including jesus of the Quran).  Breaking news:  There is no peace upon any of them because they’re dead!  Their souls (assuming they even really ever existed) are damned for eternity because they did not accept the True Jesus (of the Bible) as their Savior.  They wasted time and their lives with the false god of Islam and they made a choice to do so.

That path can lead nowhere else but to the second death – certainly not to peace.

I suggest we change the expression to “death be upon him” (DBUH).  Try this on and see how well it fits:  Muhammad (DBUH), jesus (of the Quran) (DBUH), any prophet of Islam (DBUH).  There is no peace upon those who die in Islam; there is only death.  Period!

The bottom line is that jesus (of the Quran) is dead.  Muhammad is dead.  The black rock sitting in the Kaaba in Mecca is dead and lifeless, just as is every other false god idol ever made by a man.  Everything about Islam is false – the god, jesus, the pedophile prophet and the entire political system.  It is like a cancer or any other horribly ugly disease and we all wish those kinds of things would just die and go away.

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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