Talking Point #18 – the god of Islam is capricious

Most believe that God (Yehovah God of the Bible) can do anything He wants to.  But the truth is that He is limited by his own righteous nature and there are certain things that He cannot do.  It’s easy to remember what he can’t do:  He cannot lie, He cannot learn, and he cannot force you to love Him (because He promised not to, and He cannot lie).  The three L’s – lie, learn, and love:  remember them and you’ll never miss this point again.  It’s an important point too, because you, Christian, need to, no you must, know your God.

But did you get that last thing that He cannot do?  He cannot force you to love Him because He promised not to.  It’s your choice to follow and love Him or to ignore Him and live your life without Him.  He wants you to be part of the Body of Christ (and, if you’ll truly seek Him you can be a part of the Bride of Christ), but He won’t force you.  He has promised not to, and He won’t.  That makes Him a God of His word.  In fact, we are told in Malachi that He never changes:

“For I am Yehovah, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”
Malachi 3:6

And that promise of His not changing comes even after the Israelites had provoked Him to so much anger, yet He still held fast to His promise.  Once made, His promises don’t change, and neither does He.

Then there are other things that He can do.  He will forgive you if you merely ask.  He will bless you if you merely ask.  He knows you and wants you to know Him.  He is available to talk at any time and He desires a close, intimate relationship with you (that Bride of Christ thing I mentioned earlier).  You mean the world to him (literally – see John 3:16).  He is trustworthy – His Word is His Word, period.

The god of Islam, on the other hand, is in no way limited by his holiness (because there is none) and he can do anything, including lying (see Talking Point #9 – taqiyya – the god of Islam approves of and encourages lying), and he even supports his followers doing such.  His promises mean nothing to him and he will change his mind on a whim almost as a valiant effort to prove his capriciousness!  He may forgive or he may not; he may bless or he may not – no one can ever know (see Talking Point #17 – the god of Islam is a god of works).  The god of Islam simply cannot be known.  He is utterly hidden.  Indeed, he isn’t personal, and his followers mean nothing to him.  In short, he is untrustworthy.  This sura from the Quran is especially important to this discussion:

“The greatest Deceiver of them all is Allah.”
Sura 3:54

See if you can find a verse like that in the Bible!  You see, the god of Islam is simply a liar and cannot be trusted.  The very character and nature of the god of Islam proves that he is not the God of the Bible, and…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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