Talking Point #11 – there is no such thing as radical Islam

If a crime is committed by a Muslim, usually you will only hear in the media reports that it was committed by an “Asian”.  No one wants to paint the truth about who really committed the crime because they may upset the Muslim community (the ummah).  It is considered politically correct (PC, and PC is going to destroy our world as we know it) to tone down any perceived “negativity” that would come of telling the truth.  After all, if people knew the truth they would understand where the real threat to the world (and especially to Israel) lies and would no longer allow the atrocities that occur all the time.

However, now and then, when the obvious cannot be covered up by the media, you will hear people state that the acts were committed by a “radical Islamist” or something of the such.  I want to explain the term radical to you with this post.

A radical Islamist is someone who reads his Quran and understands what the god he has chosen to serve wants him to do with his life.  To the contrary, the “moderate” Islamist is someone who has *not* read his Quran and has no idea what the god he has chosen to serve demands of him.  We have the exact same thing in Christianity:  most of those who call themselves Christian have no idea what is written in the Bible and what the God they have chosen to serve desires of them.  They are content to go to church on Sunday morning and accept without proof what they hear from the pulpit (Paul, in Acts 17:11, stressed the importance of receiving God’s message with an open mind but to follow up with proof by searching the Scriptures to substantiate what was taught).  Because most Christians do not do this, teachers and pastors easily slip into mainstream thought the idea of both Christianity and Islam serving the same god (see this article about Chrislam and Rick Warren).  This is why education, especially Biblical & Quranic education, is important to you, Christian.

The word radical, as used for those who commit heinous acts of terror in the name of Islam, is applied incorrectly.  The word should be more like “fundamental” or “educated” because it merely shows that the one committing the act is following through on his instructions provided by his lying, thieving, murderous and perverted prophet Mohammed.  Also to the contrary, the word moderate should be more correctly labeled “uneducated” or “uninformed” because they have simply taken no initiative to learn about their god.

The Muslim who seems like your new next-door-neighbor best friend will be exactly that until he realizes that you know his lying position and his ultimate desire to destroy your way of life and to make you worship his god or die.  Recognize the way the Muslim (and the trusted local Pastor) will coerce you into believing something that does not line up with God’s Word.  Do not agree with any Muslim that “we all worship the same god.”  Do not worship their god in order to get them to accept your God (I’ve actually witnessed Donna Winship of the “jesus and the Quran” heresy pray to the god of Islam, calling him by name, in a Christian church).  Do not attend services at the mosque thinking that your God understands your outreach position.  Christian, do not do as the pagan do and say that you are doing it to your God (see instructions given you in Deuteronomy 12:30-31).

Understand that there is no such thing as a radical Muslim.  There are only Muslims who have read their book and know what to do, and Muslims who are merely playing “follow-the-leader” and participating because Mommy and Daddy do it (unlike in Christianity, being born into a Muslim family automatically makes one a Muslim).  The ones who have read the book know what kind of god they serve and will stop at nothing to take away all that you have until you either accept Islam, live as a dhimmi, or die.

Does all of this sound like the God of the Bible to you?  No?  That’s because the god of Islam is NOT the God of the Bible, and…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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