Talking Point #7 – a name does not make a Savior

The folks teaching the Chrislam heresy and promoting jesus in the Quran seem to believe that the name is all there is to identifying the god.  Because there is a guy named Isa in the Quran, whose name translation is jesus (don’t get them confused – not the Jesus of the Bible), they teach that this is the same guy and that he is there to save Muslims and to keep them Muslims (yep, just as the real Jesus teaches for all sinners – get saved and stay in sin).  Here’s a little story to show the difference:

I had been working hard all day and was exhausted.  Family and job issues were wearing me down and life seemed hopeless to the point of despair.  As I was driving home I saw a sign in the neighborhood: Yard Sign

I called.  Two hours later an Hispanic man showed up and began mowing my lawn.

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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