Talking Point #6 – Quranic tools of deception

A screwdriver is a tool used to drive a screw. A hammer (or a really big wrench if you can’t find a hammer) is a tool used to drive a nail. A pencil is a tool used to write and the Quran is a tool used to drive deception!

However, you’d be surprised to discover just who the Quran exists to deceive. Is it only you, Christian? Is it the Jew? Well, surely many Christians and Jews have been deceived enough to build “common path” Chrislam platforms into their ministries, but it mainly exists to deceive the Muslim.  You see, Jesus (of the Bible) said there is only one way to the Father and that He was It (John 14:6).  So it stands to reason, then, that there’s a guy named jesus in the Quran and many Christians are posturing him to be the Muslim’s savior (“…you already know jesus from your Quran – just place your faith in him and all will be well”).  The Muslim thinks he has found the correct path but in fact the deception will see him banished to eternal punishment, all because of a name and the failure to dig deeper to discover the differences.  Make no mistake; Satan cares only about one thing:  that you suffer eternal punishment with him.  If he can make millions of the world’s Muslims focus on jesus of the Quran and not on Jesus of the Bible, he will.

Here’s what the Quran says about jesus (keep in mind that NONE of this refers to Jesus of the Bible):

  • jesus was led by a spirit (Quran 2:87,253,5:110)
  • jesus was conceived supernaturally (Quran 2:87,253; 3:47,59; 5:110; 19:20ff.; 21:29; 66:12)
  • jesus a clear sign to mankind (Quran 2:87, 3:49–50, 5:115, 19:21, 21:93, 43:61)
  • jesus received revelation from Allah (Quran 2:136; 3:59; 19:30)
  • Allah gave clear miracles to jesus (Quran 2:253)
  • jesus showed clear signs of Allah (Quran 2:253, 5:110, 43:63)
  • jesus is an intercessor (Quran 2:255, 21:28)
  • jesus is without sin (Quran 3:38; 19:19,32)
  • jesus is the word of Allah (Quran 3:39,45; 4:171)
  • jesus is the gospel or good news and a mediator (Quran 3:45)
  • jesus is one of those near to Allah (Quran 3:45)
  • jesus is called the messiah (Quran 3:45; 4:157,171,172; 5:17 [2x]; 5:72[2x],75; 9:30,31)(although the Quran refers to jesus as the “Messiah”, does this Quranic title mean the same thing as the title rooted in the Hebrew Bible by which Jesus (of the Bible) lived?
  • jesus is righteous (Quran 3:46; 6:85)
  • jesus was given the wisdom of the Old Testament and sent out with the Gospel (Quran 3:48, 3:110, 19:30; 57:27)
  • jesus healed the sick and lepers (Quran 3:49, 5:110)
  • jesus breathed life into clay and had power to raise the dead (Quran 3:49; 5:110)
  • jesus confirmed the Law and allowed things that had been previously forbidden (Quran 3:50)
  • jesus is to be obeyed (Quran 3:50; 4:159; 5:111; 43:61,63)
  • The disciples of jesus bore witness that they were Muslims (Quran 3:52; 5:111) and became dominant (Quran 61:14)
  • jesus ascended up to Allah in heaven (Quran 3:55, 4:158)
  • jesus is present at Resurrection Day (Quran 3:55, 4:159)
  • jesus coming back to judge the world (Quran 3:55, 4:159, 4:173, 43:61) (but the Muslim jesus is coming to judge YOU, Christian!)
  • jesus is created (not God), and like Adam was created directly by God (Quran 3:59)
  • jesus did not die by crucifixion on the cross, but was raised by Allah (Quran 4:157-158)
  • People of the Scripture must believe in jesus before their death or before jesus dies (Quran 4:159)
  • jesus is to be believed by the People of the Book/Jews & Christians (Quran 4:159)
  • Allah revealed his will to jesus (Quran 4:163)
  • jesus is of Allah’s Spirit (Quran 4:171; 19:17; 21:29,91; 66:12)
  • jesus was not more than a slave (Quran 4:172; 19:30; 43:59)
  • jesus is a servant and prophet of Allah went with wisdom (Quran 4:172, 19:30; 43:63)
  • Unbelievers say Allah is Messiah (Quran 5:72)
  • jesus was no more than a messenger (Quran 5:75) (this one explicitly denies his deity)
  • jesus spoke from Mary’s womb (Quran 5:110; 19:24, 29-33)
  • Allah’s favor was on jesus (Quran 5:110; 43:59)
  • jesus miraculously fed His disciples with food from heaven (Quran 5:112–118)
  • Disciples are witnesses to the truth of jesus (Quran 5:113)
  • jesus was sent from heaven (Quran 5:114-115)
  • jesus did not teach mankind to take him and his mother for two gods beside Allah (Quran 5:116)
  • jesus taught monotheism (Quran 5:117)
  • jesus is noble now and hereafter (Quran 6:85)
  • jesus is a mercy from Allah (Quran 19:21)
  • Allah blessed jesus wherever he went (Quran 19:31)
  • The Quran refers to jesus’ death and resurrection (Quran 19:33) (but it does not say that he died on a cross)
  • jesus is the word of truth (Quran 19:34)
  • jesus is among other prophets with whom Allah made a covenant (Quran 33:7)
  • jesus had the favor of Allah (Quran 43:59)
  • jesus was an example to the children of Israel (Quran 43:59)
  • jesus was a sign of the hour of judgment (Quran 43:61)
  • jesus’ teaching is a straight path (Quran 43:61)
  • Followers of jesus are acceptable (true believers) to Allah (Quran 57:27, 85:4)

The Quran also leaves out a few key points about Jesus (of the Bible):

  • The Quran does not affirm Jesus’ sworn testimony that He is the Son of God (Matthew 26:63-64)
  • The Quran denies that jesus (of the Quran) is God (much less Jesus of the Bible)
  • The Quran does not address His death on the cross for your sins and mine
  • The Quran does not address His resurrection after 3 days and 3 nights
  • The Quran does not refer to Him as Savior

Jesus (of the Bible) and jesus (of the Quran) just are not easily reconciled.  I urge you to look past the names (see, they aren’t even spelled the same – the Savior’s name is capitalized!).  But get past the names and look at the character and what the books say about each of them.  Then use your knowledge to confront a “Chrislam” proponent and stand for the Truth of Jesus Christ.  Let them know that…

Jesus is NOT in the Quran!

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